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budget meeting

OMG i was so ticked off at that F***ing meeting! They CUT THE FITNESS CENTER!! Now NO ONE can stay after for the fittness center next year! GRRR. I have decided that I will join the committee as soon as I am old enough so that I can bitch about this crap... At least we saved drama
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okay..the LAST thing they should have is the fucking fitness center. all it was for was for football team.
ok, but listen. I mean, we already have this brand new fittness center that we spent a lot of money on, and now it is just going to be used during some gym classes. it's like, if we have this brand new beautiful place, shouldn't we use it?
The fitness center is open for any sports team that takes the time to book it after school. The track teams used it almost everyday durring the winter and we continue to use in during this season. For alot of people it helps to strength train, its great for anyone who has an injury and other people just like to use it when they get a chance. It really is a waste though that so much money was spent to have the fitness center and people won't be able to use it eventough most of the money was from a grant that they school worked to get, or something. One thing that bothers me is when people that work at the school(not the teachers, the old women who work in the office and act all high and mighty) use it and act like they own the place. They'll come in when we are using it during a practice and they'll lock the doors in our faces. If we aren't able to use it next year they better not be able to either or they'll have me to deal with. I'll give them more pms than any woman can handle.
okay, except there is diarrhea allll over the track and it jut keep spinning